It’s gotta be the shoes

LifeposterWatching Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou as an AdFreak family activity on Christmas Day, we were struck by the Zissou brand of clothes that were everywhere. Characters wear Zissou pajamas, beanies, Speedos, even a supposed limited-edition Team Zissou Adidas sneaker. The sneaker, with silver and teal stripes and the word “Zissou” on it, is just maddeningly out of reach enough to strike lust in the heart of any of-the-moment hipster. A quick Google search reveals many bloggers pining for it, to no avail. Only Zissou beanies and Speedos, which were sent out to promote the movie, are listed on eBay, and the “Zissou store” on the movie’s official Web site claims that the sneakers are “sold out” (though it also claims they were made in 1987, so it’s doubtful they were ever really for sale). What’s a sneakerhead to do? Blogger Josh Puleo has one solution: He offers step-by-step instructions for making your very own Zissou Adidas shoes, using paint or a Sharpie.

—Posted by Mae Anderson