It’s! The! Brand! New! Honda! Fit!!!

It sounds like RPA’s launch campaign for the Honda Fit will involve lots of cool interactive stuff: cartoon characters with their own Web sites, sponsorship of music portals, an episodic Web series about office cubicle makeovers. The works. But looking at the print ads, it’s clear this campaign has something else, too: lots and lots and lots and lots of exclamation points. Practically every line of copy ends with an Honda_1
exclamation point. Check out the copy bubbles to the right (click the image to see a
more readable version), which we’ve clipped from the spread that portrays the hatchback style as a kind of übermullet. That’s 13 sentences there—and 13 exclamation points. It definitely lends the ads a distinct flavor. But at some point you end up wanting to catch your breath.

—Posted by Tim Nudd