Saw IV is on the hunt for blood (donors)

Since its debut in 2004, Saw has helped spark a modern revival of the gorefest horror flicks that first revved up in 1970s. But the movie has a more impressive legacy than the proliferation of borderline snuff films like Hostel and Turistas. For each year’s Saw installment, Lionsgate coordinates a blood drive with the American Red Cross. (Or is it with Johnson & Johnson? Man, I can’t keep them straight.) The Saw “Give Till It Hurts” campaign has pooled 38,000 pints of blood — enough to help save 112,500 lives, according to the Red Cross. Between now and Saw IV’s premiere on Oct. 26, the campaign will be traveling the country to attract donors and promote the film. And hey, for those who don’t like needles, at least the movies have put them into perspective.