Intel bows under pressure, pulls ad

When ads are pulled, the criticisms can often seem a little
hypersensitive or overly serious. But it’s hard to blame folks who had a beef
with a recent Intel magazine ad from McCann featuring six dark-skinned athletic men bowing
before a smarmy white guy. Yes, they’re supposed to be metaphorical
sprinters ready to tear ass around your workstation or something. But come
on. After taking a drubbing from Gawker Media and their always-charming
, Intel has apologized and yanked the ad. One bright note is that
Intel had the guts to apologize in blog format, sparking a hearty new round of
debate on their own turf. Personally, I agree with the commenter who noted that
if these guys really are sprinters, they “appear to be awaiting the starting
gun, at which time they will smack heads so hard that all their ‘processing’
ability and speed will come to a dead halt.”

Posted by David Griner