Instagram Users Are Obsessed With Recreating Its Logo, and the Results Are Quite Wonderful

How many sites get this kind of love?

You don't hear a lot of users gushing about their social networks these days, but Instagram seems to be a noticeable exception—as illustrated by the recent trend of photographers creating artistic homages to its logo.

Hundreds of people having been posting their interpretations to the photo network, using objects that range from the obvious end of the spectrum—rocks, seashells, and candy—to the unusual, like axes and dog treats. Coffee cups are popular, as are lenses from actual cameras.

Many of them appear under the hashtag #myinstagramlogo. There's a pretty astounding level of diversity and creativity in the mix, and all in all it makes for a nice example of consumers putting their own stamp on a product they're passionate about.

Some of the versions are quite abstract, though. Out of context, one might just look like, for example, an odd (if pretty) flower arrangement, or a pepperoni pizza.

So is this an official marketing promotion created by Instagram, or was the Facebook-owned brand at least behind the original idea? If so, there's no obvious evidence. We've contacted the brand to find out and will update you if we hear back.

UPDATE: An Instagram rep has confirmed to AdFreak this trend is 100 percent organic and was not seeded by the company.

Check out some of our favorites below. 

Via Design Taxi.

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