Infomercial hawks cool wife-stealing system

My fellow men, have you been denied the love you deserve just because the woman of your dreams is dating, engaged or even married to someone else? Well, cultural anthropologist Les Singer has a solution for you: Be a Hawkpanther, and swoop in for the kill. "The alpha male takes what he wants," Singer says. "Anything he wants: his best friend's girlfriend, his co-worker's fiancée, his brother's wife." The ads for Singer's wifejacking system began airing on TV last night, sending viewers to, where the Frank T.J. Mackey-esque misogyny is revealed to be a viral stunt for the Electronic Arts video game Dante's Inferno. Celebrating Treachery, the ninth circle of hell, HawkPanther rounds out nine months of clever (and occasionally controversial) guerrilla marketing for the game, which launched earlier this month.

—Posted by David Griner