Infographic: Where to Go on a First Date

Tips from San Francisco designer Alex Cornell

San Francisco-based designer Alex Cornell slapped together an instructional chart about where to go on a first date, and I have to say he's pretty much on point. In some cases, he's even being too nice. Anyone who takes a first date to a sports bar deserves the crappy evening ahead of them, in my opinion. I'd also argue with him about house-party dates if we were in the same room, because unless something like this happens, they're generally awkward for the other person. But whatever, those are minor nitpicks. Alex made a pretty helpful (and respectful) date-advice poster, with none of that obsessive, dating-as-a-science Ted Mosby crap or any fratty PUA weirdness. His seating-suggestions poster is similar in tone, and similarly helpful, although the visuals are a bit lazier.