Ikea Subtly (and Then Not So Subtly) Invades These Luxury Commercials

McCann Spain hides affordability in plain sight

Stereotypical luxury ads get a surprise visitor in this new Spanish campaign for Ikea. MRM/McCann Spain
Headshot of David Griner

Ikea and luxury don’t usually go hand in hand. That’s a fact that McCann Spain has been leveraging in fun ways recently.

Late last year, McCann and the famously budget-friendly retailer created an ad called “Allen Key” (which you can see below), cleverly highlighting how Ikea items can seem right at home in an opulently adorned mansion.

Now they’re back with two new ads, this time mocking the tropes of luxury advertising but adding a very Ikea twist. McCann Madrid and MRM//McCann Spain also worked on the project.

“The Jewel” begins as a necklace ad packed with magical elements like a majestic unicorn and a cloud of butterflies following the heroine throughout a stately home. But the unicorn might distract you from noticing another detail:

In “The Watch,” a farcical sendup of high-fashion ads reminiscent of Old Spice’s recent fragrance parodies, two posh lovers suddenly find themselves facing a new realization about their hyperstylized abode:

As mentioned above, the campaign carries on the idea of McCann Spain’s “Allen Key” spot from almost exactly a year ago. In that piece, which won gold at the Epica Awards just a few weeks after debuting in October 2017, an intense hunt across a mansion and its grounds attempts to unearth a fiendish culprit who’s been playing a game of deception:

Below are the credits for the new spots.


Brand: Ikea
Client: Laura Durán, Rafael Jiménez, Carlos Barrajón
Agencies: McCann Spain, MRM//McCann, McCann Madrid
Creative Team: Mónica Moro, Raquel Martínez, Alvaro López, Martin Subercaseaux
Audiovisual Production: Martin Beilin – Los Producers.
Production Company: Blur.
Director: Armando Bo.
Sound Studio: Beat Music.
Music: Cascabel

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