Ikea Is Replying to Questions on Facebook With Comical, Pun-Filled Memes

The Shelf Guru is here to help

The viral success of Groupon's Banana Bunker post on Facebook appears to be rubbing off on other brands. See, for example, Ikea Singapore—which has started a whole new Facebook thread clearly with the intention of replying comically to everyone it can.

The post asks people to send questions about how they might improve their bedroom and bathroom areas. A "Shelf Help Guru" then answers them. (It's the same guy who appeared in BBH Asia-Pacific's comical "Improve Your Private Life" video from a few years back.

The answers come in a peculiar form, though—a meme-style image, often with a pun, and a link to a product on the Ikea website that might solve the person's issue.

It's not quite as inspired as Groupon's effort (the image replies are often repeated throughout the thread, and to be honest, they're generally not that helpful). But joking with customers on Facebook one-on-one is clearly becoming a thing.

See a bunch of the replies below. Via Design Taxi.

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