Ikea Goes Nuts With 365 Ads in 365 Days

Ikea asks: "How do you prove that the Swedish furniture store has so much to offer, you can tell something different about it every day?" Many's the night I've lain awake with that question burning in my mind. In Holland, the retailer is answering it by creating a brand-new ad every single day for a whole year. The first of the 15-second clips from ad shop Lemz launched last Sept. 1, and after 250 spots, Ikea claims a 6 percent uptick in "top-of-mind" awareness. Bear in mind, however, that the campaign is running exclusively in drug-soaked, left-leaning Holland, where folks have little of real importance to think about. In the vignettes, filmed with handheld cameras in Ikea stores, everyone's speaking Dutch, a brilliant tactical fit for the marketplace and triumph of account planning. Seriously, it's a cute gimmick, and one I'd like to see other advertisers emulate (Victoria's Secret, say). I'm glad they did it now instead of waiting for the leap year in 2012. Making 365 spots, why that's fairly restrained—but 366 would be overkill. Via Adverblog.