If nothing else, he’s really good at Pac-Man

Pacmanskull Well, it’s official. We have a new Pac-Man world champion. Actually, let’s back up: There is a recognized Pac Man World Championship. Now that we’re up to speed, the newest (and first) champ is Carlos Daniel Borrego Romero of Mexico. His winnings include “a custom-designed Pac-Man Xbox 360, 100,000 Microsoft points, 26 years of Quiznos subs and crystal plaque for boasting rights.” Because any man who calls himself a man will proudly wear “I Beat Pac-Man” on his shield. Seriously, I hope Carlos isn’t so hard up for accomplishments that he thumps his chest over beating an obsolete video game. (Or maybe it’s not quite obsolete.) But should he choose to, maybe he should follow this guy’s lead. Shown here: artist Le Gentil Garçon and palaeontologist François Escuillié’s rendering of Pac-Man’s skull.

—Posted by David Kiefaber