If 10-Year-Olds Ran an Ad Agency

Canada's Grip Limited puts the kids in charge

Are you better at advertising than a 5th grader? Probably not, judging by this entertaining video from Grip Limited, a Toronto ad agency that celebrated its 10th birthday recently by putting a bunch of 10-year-olds in charge of the place. Those who see advertising—particularly the creative side—as a pretty juvenile pursuit won't be dissuaded by this footage, in which the kids horse around, play games, eat junk food, and oh yeah, whip up some campaigns for actual clients. And the clients actually seem impressed! (OK, perhaps they're either just being nice, or Grip's typical output is underwhelming.) At the end, one precocious kid speaks for a universe of creatives when she says: "It's not hard, but you can get really tired." Time for a nap!