Ice, ice, baby

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Marketers like to say “it’s in the genes.” In the case of Wrangler Europe, that would be spelled “jeans.” In a new publicity blitz from independent agency BSUR, the jeans come encased in huge blocks of ice, which are dropped on top of cars. Onlookers are invited to get the denim out any way they can. (In case you’re wondering about the cars, the agency purchased several used ones to get squashed.)

The stunt took place in three German cities: Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg. “[We said] if you want to have the jeans, take them!” says Jan Rijkenberg, president of the Amsterdam shop. At first, people stared and climbed on top of the giant blocks of ice. But soon enough, lust for a free pair of pants set in, and people chopped, hammered and tried to melt the ice with lighters (without much luck in the freezing German winter). More than half a dozen pairs of jeans were frozen into the ice. “It would be too much effort for one pair of jeans,” says Rijkenberg.

Rijkenberg says the idea behind the promotion was to show the Wrangler brand “in a different way” and promises more “surprising” promotions throughout 2005. Look out below!

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.