Hyundai Takes Unboxing to a Whole New Level in This British Commercial

Cutting out the auto dealerships

See you in hell, soul-sucking car-dealership experience! 

Last week, Hyundai launched an Amazon-style "Click to Buy" website in the U.K. that lets you purchase various Tucson and Santa Fe models at fixed prices and arrange for delivery. In fact, if you're paying cash, they'll drive them right up to your door. 

We miss the back-room haggling over price and extras with sweaty salespeople already. Not to mention those creepy air-dancer inflatable "tube people" wiggly-waving us into the showroom, and the sound of other people's kids screaming at the tops of their lungs as they dash among the vehicles with glee. 

Leave the brats at home, people! 

Anyway, ad agency Innocean and director Chris Palmer of production house Gorgeous celebrate "Click to Buy's" arrival in the spot below. Hmm, we wonder what could be inside those car-sized cardboard delivery boxes showing up all over town? 

All in all, it's an effectively understated way to introduce the service. The boxes—instantly familiar, yet surreal owing to their size—are the perfect visual metaphor (even if Nissan got there a full three years ago with an actual boxed delivery). 

And stomping on yards of bubble-wrap looks like too much fun! But … what happens if you need to return the car for some reason? You'll need, like, a million stamps! 

Dealerships may (or may not) be on the way out, but luckily, despite our ever-evolving media landscape and fast-changing consumer needs, car commercials seem as entrenched as ever. 

We wouldn't want to live in a world without those. Would we?