Husband Carries Through on Plan to Buy 50th Anniversary Billboard, Despite Wife’s Death

'I wanted her to have some sort of recognition'

Well, any guy who fancies himself a romantic can pack it up today, because Milwaukee resident Joe Mikolajczak (aka the world's best husband) has commemorated what would have been his 50th wedding anniversary with a billboard dedicated to his late wife, Marylou. He actually began working on the sign more than a year ago while she was still alive, and when she passed away in April, he decided not to call it off. Luckily, before she died, he was able to at least tell her what he had planned. "I wanted her to have some sort of recognition," Mikolajczak told Fox 6 Milwaukee. The best thing about this, aside from Joe's heart-warming outlook on his marriage, is that there are so many ways this memorial sign could have been a serious downer, and Joe avoided all of them, despite his obvious sorrow. "I miss her every day. I cry every day. I cry every night," he tells Fox 6 in the news segment below. "And I should cry. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out."