Huntington Beach officially ‘Surf City USA’

A two-year tussle between California cities Huntington Beach and Santa Cruz over the name “Surf City USA” has been resolved, with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issuing a permit to allow Huntington Beach to use the slogan on ads, T-shirts and whatever other beachy crap it pleases. Both towns have called themselves “Surf City” after the 1963 song by Jan and Dean. Huntington Beach applied for official recognition in 2004, really pissing off Santa Cruz, whose then-mayor, Mike Rotkin, appeared on cable access, playing his guitar and challenging Huntington Beach to a surf-off (which never happened). The most logical choice for an arbitrator, Laird Hamilton (shown here in an American Express commercial), has not weighed in.

—Posted by Tim Nudd