Hummer’s heroes aren’t really that heroic

As if Hummer ads didn’t already define their product as an ego boost for dissatisfied suburbanites, this latest spot from Modernista!, a well-filmed homage to The Great Escape, hammers the point home. I’ll give Hummer credit for stealing a good idea and turning it into an ad that was fun to watch, which is rare these days. But as in all their spots, the Hummer drivers here aren’t “walked all over in life” as much as they’re overcompensating for mild inconveniences. Leaving a white-collar office job early doesn’t demonstrate quite the same level of heroism as tunneling out of a P.O.W. camp. Now, if those guys lived in, say, National City in San Diego and escaped to Country Club Drive in their H3, that would be showing me something. They could even bring Steve McQueen’s son back for another cameo. His schedule’s clear. Via Brentter.

—Posted by David Kiefaber