Humans Get the Paint Job in Artsy Ads for Motorcycle Shows

Avant garde campaign for biker crowd

Motorcycle shows always have hot girls around to show off the bikes, but design firm i.d.e.a.'s campaign for the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows took it one step further by turning the girls into bikes. Yes, that's what I meant to say. A crew of supernaturally flexible models (male and female, actually), after being detailed by fashion body painter Trina Merry, stacked themselves into group poses that mimicked a speed bike, a dirt bike, and a cruiser. Out of respect, I won't call them human balloon animals, but they aren't far from that. The whole thing might honestly be too avant garde for a bike show, but it's a neat concept that took a lot of hard work to pull off. I'm just concerned that the campaign, set to run in 13 markets nationwide, will be met with a lot of dumb comments about the models' headlights.

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