Huggies ad freezes kid’s trail of destruction


JWT New York pulls off a neat trick with this visually stunning Huggies spot, managing to be both high-concept and lowbrow at once, with a humorous mock apology at the end that ties it all together. Artful advertising with a good sense of humor—a rare combination. Directed by MJZ’s Fredrik Bond, with visual effects by MassMarket.

Visual-effects company MassMarket talks about the spot after the jump.

From MassMarket:
  Huggies is a product of quick thinking, patience, steady hands and a sense of humor. On a short production schedule, JWT New York, Frederik Bond, his production team and MassMarket had to quickly devise ways of making this happen and making it stand out. We couldn’t just replicate what has been done before, but find ways to make it unique and fun…especially since this is a diaper commercial.
  To all of our benefit, we found a way to get all of us, agency, Fredrick and his team and MassMarket, in a room together right after the job awarded and with only a week to prep to go through the idea visually and discuss the pros and cons of each technical methodology. Frederik had a bunch of toy props that he set up at our office and walked us and the agency through his camera motion. We then looked at every section of the loft and devised a plan for what could be done in camera and what needed to rely on post. The challenge was of course the idea that you have a loft space, so once you start to move the camera you see everything in the room and those elements stay there throughout the piece. Then of course how do you move a moco rig through this space, the actors and anything rigged without limiting your camera motion and being constrained. Finally we then had to work with Frederik’s DP, Hoyt van Hoytema to figure out how he could properly light the entire space while keeping everything hidden as much as possible. The end result was a spot that combines the painstaking process of a ton rigged elements, talented motionless actors, with detailed photo-real CG and some very clever blending and clean-up.