Huge Mole on Man’s Face Becomes an Advertising Superstar in Brilliantly Insane Video

An awards call for entries to rule them all

We've seen hilarious ad awards call for entries. We've seen slutty ad awards call for entries. Now, it's time for a brilliant but batshit crazy ad awards call for entries.

Borghi/Lowe Brazil created the video below for Creative Club São Paulo, and it's just wildly odd and wonderful. It tells the story of a mole on a man's face, who eventually breaks free and enjoys his own celebrated career—in advertising.

It's beautiful yet gross, disturbingly conceived yet gorgeously made. And the references are amazing—everything from the bone throw in 2001: A Space Odyssey to, most pertinently, the growing boil on Richard E. Grant's neck in How to Get Ahead in Advertising.

It promotes an awards show, but it deserves an award of its own.