How a Remarkable Twitter Campaign Got This Ohio Teenager a Bionic Arm

The story of #HandforTorri

Here's a powerful example of the potential of social media and brand charity.

Friends of an Ohio teenager who was born without a full right arm launched a #HandforTorri campaign on Twitter to get her a prosthesis. The effort led them to contact The Buried Life, the troupe of young guys who built a bucket-list-themed media franchise, including a couple of seasons of an MTV show and a book. They in turn persuaded Hanger Inc., a top manufacturer of prosthetics, to give Torri a $150,000 bionic arm.

It's an amazing story, reminiscent of Matthew James, the British teen and drag racing fan who a few years back convinced Mercedes to gift him a prosthesis. Thankfully, Torri's gift appears to come minus any talk of slapping a car marketer's brand on her new limb.

Check out the video below, and maybe keep a couple tissues handy.

Via BuzzFeed.