Bubba Watson's Hovercraft Golf Cart: How Is It Not an April Fools' Joke?

Masters champ has coolest ride ever

At first glance, it looks like it has to be a prank. But despite being released suspiciously close to April Fools' Day, Bubba Watson and Oakley insist that the new hovercraft golf cart in the video below is real. Designed by Neoteric Hovercraft, the vehicle—if it's real—is the coolest thing to happen to golf since, well, Bubba Watson. The 2012 Masters champ, as always, has some amusing, self-deprecating one-liners in the demo video, which rolled out Tuesday, a day after April Fools'. "I see a lot of stares, a lot of laughs," Watson says. "And then they actually see how efficient it is. I think it's really going to get more people involved. They're just going to want to drive the hovercraft and not play golf. But I mean, that's how I got started, driving a golf cart, and then golf got in the way."