Horseless Headsman Fails to Frighten Until He's Had a Snickers

BBDO's latest Halloween candy spot

Snickers had a Halloween hit a few years back with the grocery-lady spot, in which a couple of kids put the scare on a candy-shopping mom. Now, it's Halloween time again—a crucial few weeks for candy marketers—and Snickers and BBDO New York are back with their latest confection, featuring a character who's got it backwards: Instead of a Headless Horseman, he's a Horseless Headsman. The floaty head—played by Ezra Buzzington—is disturbing, though not to the ad's jaded trick-or-treaters, who question what he's supposed to be. "How is that even scary?" one of them mutters, and eventually they pitifully offer him a Snickers. This causes him to change back into a Headless Horseman, however, frightening the pants off the young slackers—and paying off the old tagline, "You're not you when you're hungry." Whether or not the new spot has grocery-lady appeal remains to be seen, but it's certainly more treat than trick. There's an alternate edit for the online version of the spot—see that one, and credits, after the jump.