A Horrifying, Hilarious Look at What Today’s Top Creatives Will Look Like in 35 Years

At least their ads will be preserved

Sure, renowned advertising creatives Gerry Graf, Tor Myhren, Rob Reilly, Tiffany Rolfe and Ted Royer are riding high these days. But things are about to come crashing down in a serious way.

The AICP takes a dismaying look at each of their lives 35 years from now in a hilarious series of videos, unveiled today, promoting the call for entries for the 2015 AICP Awards.

Each of them is in horrifying shape, having seen their careers—and their lives—spiral into utter shambles. The one thing they can hold on to is their long-past success, which the AICP has helped to preserve. (AICP-winning work gets archived in the Museum of Modern Art, which is more validation than most ad people ever get.)

"Craft your legacy. We'll protect it," says the on-screen text. The accompanying website is craft-your-legacy.com.

The spots are hilariously written (Reilly and Graf conceived the concept with AICP president and CEO Matt Miller) and nicely directed by Brian Billow of O Positive. And kudos to the actors for their delightfully disturbing takes on past-their-prime ad people.


Writing Credits

Gerry Graf, Barton F. Graf 9000

Tor Myhren, Grey

Rob Reilly, McCann

Tiffany Rolfe, co:collective

Ted Royer, Droga5

Creative Concept

Rob Reilly, McCann

Gerry Graf, Barton F. Graf 9000

Eric Monnet, McCann


Brian Billow, Director

Vince Vennitti, Director of Photography

O Positive Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

Executive Producer: Marc Grill

Production Supervisor: Christina Woolston


Grande/Morris Casting

Casting Director: Faye Grand


Editor on "Tor Myhren": Charlie Cusumano


Editor on "Gerry Graf": Jason Macdonald

Editor on "Rob Reilly": Justin Quagliata

Editor on "Tiffany Rolfe": Nick Schneider

Editor on "Ted Royer": Dan Aronin

Senior Cutting Assistant: Ryan Bukowski

Colorist: Stephen Picano

Executive Producers: Corina Dennison, Crissy DeSimone

Producer: Malia Rose, Kendra Desai


The Studio


Color Audio Post

Partner, Mixer: Kevin Halpin.

Mixer: JD Heilbronner

Partner, Executive Producer: Jeff Rosner

Equipment Rental

Hello World Communications

Feature Systems


Gerry Graf: Gene Ruffini

Tor Myhren: Jim Murtaugh

Rob Reilly: George Riddle

Nurse: Stevie Steel

Tiffany Rolfe: Marie Wallace

Ted Royer: Frank Ridley


Istros Media Corp.

All films were shot on location at Droga5