That Hooters magic, now available in a can

For those of you who thought the new line of Hallmark cards defies parody (to quote Gawker), let me introduce you to the Hooters Energy Drink. Apparently their swing, and decisive miss, at becoming an airline hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm for brand extension, and now they’re stepping up to the plate again with a product as questionable as this sentence’s baseball metaphor. The best thing anyone can say about the drink so far is that it has “a unique taste.” Rather than creating an energy drink, Hooters should focus on its core brand—in particular, on a recent German study that claimed, without much backing, that ogling hot girls improves men’s health. Knowing that, Hooters could keep cranking out swimsuit calendars until Doomsday. Let’s just hope that when this idea tanks, they don’t start making protein shakes.