Hooters ad offers discounts to married men


The Hooters on West 56th Street in Manhattan is breaking with company tradition and celebrating marriage with a special offer that gives married men discounts all next week. As you can see from the ad shown here, the longer you’ve been married, the bigger your discount. How thoughtful! Sure, it’s a PR stunt, but it also would seem to be a smart piece of demographic outreach—married men being the only demo that’s naturally included to patronize Hooters yet encouraged, one way or another, not to do so. In that sense, of course, this is less a celebration of marriage than an attempt to undermine it. (It’s never a good thing when you come home with your marriage certificate covered in hot sauce.) The true spirit of the promotion is evidenced by its co-sponsor—the extracurricular-friendly film Hall Pass. Dinner and a movie, anyone? Via Jezebel.