Honeybees Get Fed Up With Humans and Launch ‘Greenbees’ Protest Movement

Ad features Greenpeace's tiniest chapter ever

Imagine if bees could stop humans from killing them by hijacking pesticide sprinklers, putting up banners and picketing grocery stores. That would be the bee's knees.

Greenpeace has conjured up just such a scenario in its latest ad, "Greenbees," aimed at raising awareness of the global colony-collapse epidemic threatening honeybee populations. In this spot, tiny hive-minded bee protesters hang signs with messages like "Honey You Sprayed the Kids" and "No Bees, No Future." (Unlike BBDO's Grand Prix-winning World Wildlife Fund campaign, these bugs are all computer-generated.)

According to Greenpeace's related website, sos-bees.org, "Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in ecosystems. A third of all our food depends on their pollination. A world without pollinators would be devastating for food production."

All they are saying is it's really gonna sting unless we "give bees a chance."

Via Ads of the World.



Creative Director, Copywriter: Daniel Bird

Art Director: Jaroslav Mrazek

Music: Hecq

Production Company: Savage

Executive Producer: Klara Kralickova

Producer: Vojta Ruzicka

Director of Photography: Martin Matiasek

Postproduction: Progressive FX

Producers: Jan Rybar, Jirka Mika

Computer Graphics, Visual Effects Supervisor: Jan Rybar

Animation: Peter Harakaly, Jakub Sporek

Computer Graphics Modelling: Frantisek Stepanek, Martin Frodl, Hynek Pakosta,

Textures: Martin Konecny

Lighting Artist: Frantisek Stepanek

Grading, Compositing: Radek Svoboda

Additional Compositing: Pavel Vicik, Peter Orlicky