Honda Unveils Ferris Bueller Ad, and It Is Awesome

Extended version is full of hidden references to the movie

This is going to be a huge crowd-pleaser on Sunday. After auto blog Jalopnik blew the lid off the teaser ad last Friday, Honda has released its Ferris Bueller spot for the Super Bowl on YouTube—actually, a two-minute-plus extended version of it. And it's a great homage to the original 1986 film, with Broderick this time calling in sick to a film shoot and enjoying another day of slacking. The spot, by RPA, is pretty wonderful—Broderick amazingly slips back into the role with ease. And fans who've been grousing that the teaser wasn't for an actual sequel to the movie will be pleased to see that Broderick doesn't sully the original film's reputation here. Quite the opposite—this is how a tribute should look.
     UPDATE: We spoke to RPA, the agency behind the spot, and got some backstory to the campaign, including: Who thought of Ferris, and why no Cameron?