Honda Marketing Chief Tattoos Fan's Face on His Arm

Goofy but sort of funny: Honda and ad agency RPA are celebrating 1 million Facebook likes by getting Honda executives to reciprocate fans' love—by doing stupid things. Examples: Some guy named Dustin got a Honda tattoo, so Honda's vp of marketing, Steve Center, got a Dustin tattoo with the guy's name and face (no, not a real tattoo); some girl named Cristina painted Hondo logos on her toenails, so Honda's assistant manager of interactive marketing, Karen K. (what, you want to remain anonymous?), painted the word Cristina on her toes; and another guy mowed a Honda logo into his lawn, so Honda mowed his name into the grass outside its HQ. Expect similar stunts every day this week. The downside of Facebook, of course, is that people can respond by writing stuff like "Hahahaha losers!!!!!!!!!" right under the pics.