H&M’s Stella line already sold out

NakedmodelsAll in the name of research, we breezed past the two H&M stores in SoHo in New York at lunch, only to find the line of Stella McCartney clothes and accessories, which went on sale today, so decimated employees were stripping the clothes off the store-window mannequins (see picture). Though we admit we’re not that sartorially minded, we were kind of hoping to snag a tank top or two. The quick sellout mirrors what happened last year with H&M’s Karl Lagerfeld line. While we’re all for bringing designer-quality clothes to the masses, we’re kind of annoyed that the "masses" really means only those who can start lining up at 8 a.m. and claw viciously through ruthless fashionistas for the last tulilp skirt on the rack. And that, sadly, just isn’t us.

—Posted by Mae Anderson