Hey ‘GMA,’ the devil is in the details

Rosemarieryan041_1Not to nitpick—OK, to nitpick—how hard is it for Good Morning America to, say, get people’s names and titles right? We were watching the GMA segment from the other day about Super Bowl advertising (they obviously got first dibs on some clips), and there were three—count ’em, three—mistakes. (To see for yourself, click on this link and then on "See More Ad Clips" part way down the page.) They managed to get the title wrong for Rosemarie Ryan (pictured here), whom they promoted, at one point in the segment, to president of the whole of JWT from co-president of the New York office. Then, in onscreen copy, they misspelled her agency’s name—excuse us, its former name—calling it J. Walter Thomson. (The shop goes simply by JWT now; is it a typo if the misspelled name no longer exists?) And the other guest, BusinessWeek‘s David Kiley, was rechristened David Riley by Robin Roberts. Other than that, we’re sure the segment was 100 percent accurate. But maybe George Parker is lucky he hasn’t yet made it onto the Today show.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor