Hershey builds its own factory of happiness

This Arnold spot for Hershey's Kisses apparently debuted a few weeks back. So, why did a local TV station just last night run the brand's "land of chocolate" animated commercial from last year? Anyway, this newer ad is an improvement, perhaps because it strongly channels Coke's "Happiness Factory" spot. Is it a rip-off, unintentionally similar or an homage? Did I even use the word "homage" correctly? Probably not, since I accidentally pronounced the "h" when I said it out loud. The Hershey's spot uses the "Hi-Ho Off to Work" song, which I never thought I could appreciate at all, but in its instrumental form here, it's better than that remake of "I'll Melt With You" from the '08 campaign. Come to think of it, one AdFreak commenter previously suggested that Hershey's "borrowed" Cadbury concepts on that earlier ad. What's next, a spot where a kid comes home to find an empty house and a note from his parents saying they've left because he hogged all the Hershey bars?
—Posted by David Gianatasio