Here’s an 8-Bit Video Game That Every Ad Agency Intern Should Be Playing

McMillan's gift to its cheap labor

Ad agency interns love to get real-world experience. Sometimes that means actually working for real clients. Other times it means sitting around playing 8-bit video games.

The interns at Ottawa, Ontario, agency McMillan get to do a bit of the latter—thanks to a game called Interns, which is a bit of goofy 8-bit fun that simulates the intern experience.

"We didn't want our interns here at McMillan to feel unprepared or unappreciated, so we created an 8-bit video game that featured them as playable characters," the agency tells us.

The object of the game: Walk around the office collecting 10 ideas for an upcoming client presentation. It's a bit ridiculous, but also amusing enough, and more edifying than getting coffee for everyone. Props, too, for the AdFreak mention.

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