Here Are the Best (and Worst) Personalized Coke Bottle Hacks So Far

Open happiness? More like jealousy and rage

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When we were kids, we were told that we were all special snowflakes—unique individuals with our own distinct characteristics. Coca-Cola thinks so, too. Sort of.

The company has flooded retailers with bottles of its flagship soda adorned with people's names as part of its #ShareaCoke promotion (this idea was first introduced in Australia in 2011). It's one of the smarter brand activations in recent memory. But of course, every brand's pop-culture success is met with throngs of people hacking the idea with Photoshop, sharpies or just clever juxtapositions and posting them all over the Internet.

Sure, there are people earnestly posing with their name-cans, but that would be the most boring AdFreak post ever. And I, for one, empathize with those who were left out—those who don't have a can named for them, who are not special snowflakes, and who will have to resort to duct tape to make it right. (Yes, I am bitter.)

Below, check out some of the best (and worst) hacks of the campaign we found in social.


Some people quickly found a way to tear the stunt down.


Some felt alienated.


Especially if they don't know who their parents are.


A lot of people will never find their name.


Despite their best efforts.


Still no luck. 


Desperate times call for disparate measures. 


There are certainly some unique names out there. 


Some very unique names.


Some were inspired by the divine. 


When the shoe fits …


It's wrong to discriminate.

What a lovely singing voice you must have.


In case there's a Game of Thrones pal nearby.


Or a friend who loves Batman (and happens to take drugs).


Doctor Who?


Today I learned Patrick Dempsey loves race car driving. 


Finally! The elusive BORT bottle!


Maybe you want to share with the enemy.


Or live happily ever after. This isn't even a hack. Barf.

@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.