Helping out your holding-company sister

Ned_1AdFreak’s trained eye for conflict and collusion has allowed us to spot the occasional client-combining two-fer—for example, TBWA\Chiat\Day showing off Shell Chemical’s Black Magic car-care products by using them on a Nissan, the agency’s biggest client. Now, be on the lookout for what might be called intra-holding-company kudos. In a February FedEx spot (shown here) by Omnicom’s BBDO, recently brought back to rotation, Ned the office worker, who is anti-FedEx, is dressed down by a fellow worker, who says he’s wrong about everything, from thinking that employees get “French benefits” to supposing that Steely Dan is a single musician. One of the corrections: “James Dean is the actor. Jimmy Dean makes sausage.” Omnicom’s TBWA\Chiat\Day makes Jimmy Dean’s ads.

—Posted by Gregory Solman