Help the Goldman bankers spend their loot

It’s tough to be a banker, particularly a Goldman Sachs banker. The company is spreading some $16.5 billion around to its employees after reporting an eye-popping $9.4 billion in profits in 2006. That works out to some $600,000 per employee, with some all-stars getting as much as $100 million. That must kinda up the ante for the gift expectations among loved ones this holiday season. Chief Executive Air wants a piece of the action, and is linking up with a guy named Osmond, who runs the coffee cart outside the Goldman building in New York, to give out free breakfast tomorrow morning, starting at 6 a.m. Also on hand will be two “air hostesses,” armed with $1,000-off coupons for charter flights. (A five- to nine-seater return from JFK to LAX over a long weekend would cost around $30,000.) And I used to think that giving luxury cars for Christmas was ridiculous. Nowadays, that’s just a stocking stuffer. The good news for the rest of us: Osmond isn’t checking IDs, so head to South Williams and Broad tomorrow morning for some free food.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey