‘Helmut Krone. The book.’ $85 well spent

Design Observer’s Michael Beirut has written a short piece about Helmut Krone, the man, and Helmut Krone. The book. Beirut writes that Clive Challis’s examination of the legendary Doyle Dane Bernbach art director “leaves me with no doubt that something I once suspected is, in fact, true: Helmut Krone is God.” Writing in Adweek a year ago, Tom Messner had similar feelings about the book: “It is about what advertising could be if we were all geniuses. It completely destroys the theory that age cripples a creative force. Krone’s later stuff, spec stuff that has only found an outside viewer in this book, is as bright, engaging, persuasive, definitive, hypnotic, intelligent and ‘breakthrough’ as stuff he did when he first left Ridgewood, Queens, for the city.” Sounds worth having on the shelf.

—Posted by Tim Nudd