Have a glimpse at your sponsored future life

This video, from London architecture student Keiichi Matsuda, envisions just how bizarre your life might look in the not-too-distant future—a logo-dominated age in which every structure and visual space is aglow with advertising and the insignia of global commerce is woven into all aspects of your existence. It's not that different than the world we live in now, which is precisely the filmmaker's point. Humans are cogs in the branding machine, a notion that the stylized, almost-realistic "hands" in the film seem to suggest. Matsuda might have quite the future himself in the fusion of art and profit-driven media. He could forge a career doing corporate clips, interactive digital street installations and TV spots. Why fight it? We already live inside a giant ad where everything and everyone is sponsored. Go on, Keiichi: Make ads for frozen lasagna! They can be art, too—as long as award-show juries say so. Via Creative Review.

—Posted by David Gianatasio