Halo 4 Trailer Ushers In New Era for Game With a Proud History

Twofifteenmccann spot launches fresh trilogy

Microsoft continues its tradition of exceptional live-action trailers for its blockbuster Halo game series with a new promo that just premiered at E3 for the upcoming Halo 4. The title, due out Nov. 6, starts a new trilogy of Halo games with a new developer (343 Industries) and also marks the epic return of our protagonist Master Chief and a decidedly darker side of his normally helpful hologram Cortana. Created by twofifteenmccann, the trailer was filmed in Romania by Nicolai Fuglsig (he of the bouncing Bravia balls for Sony) and scored by Neil Davidge of Massive Attack, who vows to add more "romance" to the soundtrack for the new trilogy (apparently it's a dark and screeching kind of romance). Interestingly, some of the voice actors for the game also appear in the live-action trailer, and probably will appear in the planned live-action Web series. The series will feature 15-minute episodes about how Master Chief inspired a young Marine who eventually became a leader aboard the UNSC Infinity—the big ship you see crashing Titanically in the trailer. Expect more leading up to the release as Xbox tries to reinvigorate the game that put its console on the map. See the previous live-action trailers for Halo 3 Believe, Halo ODST and Halo Reach.

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