Hairy women start Web crusade for Gillette

This whole NoScruf viral campaign for Braun Gillette, created by Digitas, is a bit of a head-scratcher. Apparently, photos of women with dark hair on their legs and under their arms really lights a fire under the average Web surfer these days (to the tune of 60 million daily visitors, at least according to this story, which is all but impossible to believe, but hey, we’ll try it too and see what happens). The internal logic of the campaign is a bit belabored—at first it’s unclear why NoScruf stands for National Organization of Social Crusaders Repulsed by Unshaven Faces, since faces don’t seem to be the problem. Then we realize that women are steering the ship here, and they’re “not going to shave until men do.” The Web site is ludicrously low-budget-looking, which is actually pretty funny. The rest? Well, the hippy chicks aren’t going to like it much.

—Posted by Tim Nudd