Guess who had a Super Bowl spot banned?

CBS has banned a Super Bowl ad starring Danica Patrick and a huge, effeminate "ex-football player" named Lola? Gee, I wonder who the advertiser is. You think I'd remember, because every year this advertiser issues a zillion press releases about its ads being banned from the telecast. No, really, a zillion. I've counted. I vaguely recall that this company deals in Internet domains, and that its ads have killed off more IQ points than the average Jimmy Kimmel monologue. Yes, of course I know the name. … Damn it, I can't remember. Anyway, the commercial itself slings the predictable quasi-gender-bending, vaguely offensive crap. It's redeemed solely by the dude who plays Lola. He turns in a towering comic performance, head and shoulders above Danica and a bevy of bikini-clad babes. You go, daddy!

—Posted by David Gianatasio