Group protests 50 Cent’s movie ads

Getrich1Outdoor ads for the upcoming movie, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, starring gangsta
rapper 50 Cent, are angering a group of parents in Los Angeles who claim the ads promote violence.
Duh. That’s the nature of gangsta rap, and 50 Cent’s first claim to fame was
that he survived nine gunshot wounds, including one to the face, as a drug
dealer in New York. Still, this group wants the ads removed. One of them shows
the heavily tattooed back of Curtis Jackson (50 Cent’s real name) as he holds a
baby on his shoulder and cradles a gun in the waistband of his jeans. The leader of the protestors, Najee Ali from South Central L.A.,
called the ads “irresponsible,” citing gun violence as a leading cause of death
among young urban black males. True. But any other portrayal wouldn’t be accurate. 50 Cent has
built his entire career on depicting violence, and the movie,
scheduled for release Nov. 9, loosely chronicles his life. You can’t clean it up for
billboard ads. Even his official Web site,,
relies on violent images. When the site opens, visitors are facing him as
he points a smoking gun at them over the image of a death certificate with the
words “The Massacre” in the background. Another image on the home page shows a
handgun sitting on top of an investigative report by a medical examiner.

—Posted by Jim Lovel