Grey Uses the New Facebook Poke to Create Self-Destructing Ads for Lingerie

Onetime clip for onetime sale

Facebook has redesigned its Poke feature to allow people to send their friends video clips that self-destruct 10 seconds after opening. "Hey, that would be great for safe sexting!" you probably thought immediately. So, it shouldn't come as a shock that the first advertiser to use the new Facebook Poke is a lingerie company. Delta Lingerie crafted a campaign with Grey Tel Aviv in which a 10-second clip of a model pulling on some Delta stockings—a video that couldn't be saved or even shared—was sent to the model's friends. A few seconds at the end directed them to Delta's website to claim a "one-time" discount on the stockings. Since Facebook allows you to poke only 40 people at a time—and the app deletes the video on the sender's end, too—the model's agent had to shoot the same clip over and over again. And since Facebook doesn't give the option for poking to brand pages, they had to send it out through the agent's personal profile. It's a creative way to use a cumbersome new feature that clearly wasn't designed with advertisers in mind—probably more inventive than effective. Also, let's hope they didn't have to pay the model her SAG rate on a per-video basis.