Great Ads Show the Secrets to Making Movies on the Super Cheap

Lemonade production promos won at Cannes

Aaaand … action! This clever print campaign from Leo Burnett Tailor Made in Brazil vividly captures how Lemonade Films creates "great movies" on "tiny budgets."

The work, a bronze Lion winner at Cannes, shows scenes from three different types of films: "War," "Drama" and "Erotic." In each case, what's taking place inside the camera's viewfinder looks glossy and expensive—a soldier crouches over his fallen battlefield comrade, a farm-gal kisses a horse's snout, and a middle-aged dude ogles a pole-dancer.

But the outer edges of the ads show the fiery explosions, bucolic sunset and even the seedy strip club are just low-budget illusions created by backdrops and a few simple props.

The ads are packed with fun details. For example, the performers help control costs by doubling as production crew, working clapboards, lights and other filmmaking equipment with their hands held outside camera range. I'm glad they have something to fall back on, just in case acting doesn't work out.

The labor unions would probably disapprove, so … shhh … quiet on the set.

Via Ads of the World