GoPro and Taylor Swift Are the Butt of SNL’s Jokes in Latest Parody Ads

Probing spots were just what the doctor ordered

Last week, we were treated to Jim Carrey's spot-on parody of Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln ad. This week, in addition to Prince's epic, face-melting musical performance, we were delighted by a couple of new ad spoofs.

The first one was for "GoProbe," a GoPro-inspired parody featuring fortysomething extreme sports enthusiasts due for their colonoscopies.

The second was a commercial for "Swiftamine," a drug for adults who suddenly realize they love Taylor Swift and her undeniably catchy pop tunes. If your unexpected insatiable thirst for her music results in dizziness and vertigo, well, Swiftamine is right for you.

Take two, and call us in the morning.