Google Thanks Every Teacher on Earth for Helping Kids Discover the Worlds Beyond

An unfulfilled dream becomes a lifelong passion

Google thanks "every teacher on Earth" for inspiring students to reach for the stars in this clip that uses space exploration and astronomy as its central theme.

Space is a great fit for Teacher Appreciation Week because the best teachers, regardless of the subject, take us on bold journeys and open vistas filled with wonder. The ad notes that gazing at the night sky is like looking into the past (since starlight takes an immensely long time to reach Earth). By presenting limitless possibilities, teachers unlock our minds and give us glimpses of our future selves.

Of course, Google resources are touted, but it works in context, and the company did give something back, donating $340,000 this week to fund every classroom request made by teachers in Atlanta on

The spot risks a snag when the teacher confides, "When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was go to the moon." Presumably, that aspiration went unfulfilled, which is kind of sad. Still, she's elated to be sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm, so in that way her dream still soars.