A good neighbor helps OK Go go viral again

What's a band to do when their corporate overlord won't let their videos go viral? Find a new corporate overlord! One of the Internet's favorite foursomes, OK Go, recently announced that fans wouldn't be able to embed the band's YouTube videos because of a profit-sharing deal worked out by record label EMI and Google. But just a month later, the band is back with an incredible new video, directed by James Frost of Zoo Films, that makes Honda's "Cog" look like a middle-school science-fair project. Best of all, bloggers are welcome to share the clip—thanks solely to a sponsorship from State Farm, whose logo gets some screen time at the front and back of the video. It's a surreal turn of events, one that will likely leave State Farm smelling like a rose while the record industry's image continues to sink further into the mud. Hat tip to Kammie Avant.

—Posted by David Griner