Good lord, Barbie is really letting herself go

"Keep obesity away from your child" is the tagline of a new campaign by Texas-based Hispanic shop LatinWorks for an organization called Active Life Movement. Instead of fat kids, the ads show fat toys: a superhero, pirates and a Barbie-like doll. See the full ads here, here and here over at Ads of the World. Details like the Cake Crusader's dripping ice-cream cone and Big-Butt Barbie's empty takeout carton are fantastic. Still, if the toys are comfortable with themselves, isn't that the most important thing? The stout swashbucklers sure look happy — or sated, at any rate. And the superhero, like Batman's Adam West bursting out of his tights in the '60s, would probably say the mass around his middle is muscle. (What a joker.) You know, maybe that doll's supposed to be Jessica Simpson.

—Posted by David Gianatasio