‘Golden voice’ Ted Williams gets in a scuffle

Ted Williams's 15 minutes are certainly proving action-packed. After rocketing to fame (and a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese voiceover job) in a video showing him panhandling—and talking in his now-famous "golden voice"—Williams seems to be struggling with the spotlight. He was questioned by police on Monday night (despite earlier reports, he was not arrested) after a physical altercation with his daughter. You can hear both sides of the story in the video below. (The daughter claims Ted downed "at least" a full bottle of Grey Goose and called her a "fat bitch." Ted says she started it, and scratched him all up.) Whatever happened, Williams admits he's having a rough time with the sudden attention. "People in recovery, you know, we're fragile. We're very fragile," he says. "You jump out of this car, and there's a camera there. You roll down the window just to flip a cigarette out the window, and there's somebody that points at you. 'Can I take a picture with you? Can I take a picture with you?' Remember, a week ago I was holding a sign where people weren't giving me the time of day." Stay strong, Ted! UPDATE: Dr. Phil is involved! He has reportedly convinced Ted to enter rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Perhaps he'll have a scuffle with Lindsay Lohan next.