Giant leaps into giant candy are not advised

I'd like to exactly describe what's going on in this Hershey's video to promote Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but an excitable lady narrates in Italian. The long and the short of it: It's another entry in the pantheon of branded viral videos showing people doing something implausible with shaky, amateur-style camerawork. In this case, the implausible is a dude scaling the Brooklyn Bridge, then jumping into a giant Reese's cup on a passing ship below. Amazing. The no-effing-way YouTube genre is becoming old hat to marketers. It stretches back to Nike's "Touch of Gold" and includes such gems as Marc Ecko's "Still Free," Nike's Kobe Bryant jumps a car, Ray Ban's sunglasses catcher, and most recently, Nestlé's Shawn Johnson backflipping over a speeding bobsled. The approach can seem tired, but people love debating whether stuff like this is real and wondering how it was done. My only hope is some high-tech hijinx weren't behind the "Dude Perfect" basketball shot.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey